Number of genes: 100 change

Positivity: Positive change

Brain Region: Spinal nucleus of the trigeminal_ oral part change

Lambda multiplier: 1.0000 change

Lambda (actual): 292.2956

Select all Gene Fitting Value
Select Plp1 3.519914e-07
Select Car2 1.16634e-08
Select Adamtsl3 1.110768e-08
Select Cnp1 9.919201e-09
Select Scn4b 7.926007e-09
Select Gatm 7.462928e-09
Select Glra1 7.339464e-09
Select Cldn11 7.259041e-09
Select Rnf13 6.820025e-09
Select Kcnab2 6.385736e-09
Select Pnkd 6.288146e-09
Select Hcn2 6.223112e-09
Select AW046396 5.863215e-09
Select Lgi2 5.756248e-09
Select Kcnc3 5.6242e-09
Select Endod1 5.491961e-09
Select Vdac3 5.442171e-09
Select Plekhb1 5.358572e-09
Select Slc17a6 5.334313e-09
Select Sez6l2 5.301169e-09
Select Btbd14a 5.157333e-09
Select S100b 5.093363e-09
Select mCG140667 4.973781e-09
Select Pacs2 4.872521e-09
Select Slc39a14 4.747789e-09
Select Atp8a2 4.733858e-09
Select Syt3 4.69353e-09
Select Slc6a5 4.602832e-09
Select Anln 4.600906e-09
Select Slc44a1 4.532503e-09
Select Fstl1 4.520649e-09
Select Lgi3 4.476882e-09
Select 4930572J05Rik 4.426901e-09
Select Pogz 4.393874e-09
Select Spp1 4.310551e-09
Select Serinc5 4.27274e-09
Select Cd97 4.242321e-09
Select Ublcp1 4.224519e-09
Select Scrt1 4.223763e-09
Select Ddr1 4.218728e-09
Select Ugt8a 4.167158e-09
Select Serpinb1c 4.070408e-09
Select Osbpl9 4.029986e-09
Select Fa2h 3.983342e-09
Select Klk6 3.969166e-09
Select Krt222 3.939504e-09
Select Phospho1 3.92347e-09
Select Glra4 3.901866e-09
Select Akap12 3.843314e-09
Select Scn1a 3.80591e-09
Select Sh3bgrl2 3.803355e-09
Select Mtrr 3.797492e-09
Select Bcl7b 3.784548e-09
Select Cdr2 3.713897e-09
Select mCG147223 3.672566e-09
Select Cacng7 3.672181e-09
Select Sypl 3.650188e-09
Select S100a16 3.632823e-09
Select Tubb4 3.630033e-09
Select Parva 3.627396e-09
Select Sgpp2 3.620341e-09
Select Mrpl54 3.620233e-09
Select Fn1 3.5917e-09
Select Cgnl1 3.565473e-09
Select Gpr37 3.559465e-09
Select Nrg1 3.556226e-09
Select D130072O21Rik 3.54612e-09
Select Cyp27a1 3.544214e-09
Select 6330505N24Rik 3.536608e-09
Select B3galt5 3.536117e-09
Select Psmd5 3.532638e-09
Select Slc12a2 3.519732e-09
Select Ankrd38 3.51065e-09
Select Slc6a9 3.494408e-09
Select Dffa 3.493567e-09
Select Dexi 3.470173e-09
Select Ctnnbip1 3.467915e-09
Select Thbs2 3.462326e-09
Select Stk38l 3.4564e-09
Select Galnt6 3.393239e-09
Select Cstb 3.38496e-09
Select 2610019F03Rik 3.378513e-09
Select Eif5a2 3.377439e-09
Select Slc39a5 3.369823e-09
Select Pmp22 3.35033e-09
Select P2rxl1 3.334662e-09
Select Glrx 3.3267e-09
Select Trim36 3.31889e-09
Select Elovl1 3.312202e-09
Select AF529169 3.311843e-09
Select Ngfr 3.302011e-09
Select Chrnb4 3.288038e-09
Select Srprb 3.28035e-09
Select Ntrk1 3.274597e-09
Select Lip1 3.256302e-09
Select Stk24 3.251021e-09
Select Plxnb3 3.221152e-09
Select Mmel1 3.219969e-09
Select Slc6a2 3.205468e-09
Select Ppap2a 3.194301e-09
Select all Gene Localization Value
Select Ntrk1 0.02027265
Select Glra4 0.01875338
Select Glra1 0.0152035
Select Klk6 0.01435702
Select Cstb 0.01428105
Select Thbs2 0.01273906
Select Eif5a2 0.01151895
Select Mrpl54 0.01134471
Select B3galt5 0.0111497
Select Stk24 0.01072661
Select Sypl 0.00965416
Select Lgi2 0.00934747
Select Endod1 0.00924903
Select Ublcp1 0.00908102
Select Scrt1 0.00885955
Select Cdr2 0.00878426
Select Srprb 0.00854633
Select Galnt6 0.00853195
Select Gatm 0.00813742
Select Ppap2a 0.00793944
Select Btbd14a 0.00782688
Select mCG147223 0.0076759
Select Fa2h 0.00766152
Select Anln 0.00760468
Select Serpinb1c 0.00746373
Select P2rxl1 0.00741553
Select Mtrr 0.00733649
Select Slc39a5 0.00718152
Select Ddr1 0.00688392
Select S100b 0.00687627
Select Lgi3 0.00680284
Select Parva 0.0067792
Select Slc6a9 0.00677299
Select Glrx 0.0065851
Select Slc6a5 0.00650888
Select Bcl7b 0.00615415
Select Pacs2 0.00610209
Select Dexi 0.00606524
Select Spp1 0.00605877
Select Gpr37 0.00590641
Select Lip1 0.00587439
Select Pmp22 0.00585969
Select Hcn2 0.00580022
Select Cgnl1 0.00575242
Select Ctnnbip1 0.00571105
Select Iyd 0.00567487
Select Sgpp2 0.00551821
Select Slc6a2 0.00549398
Select Entpd3 0.00548144
Select Gpr56 0.00547251
Select Serinc5 0.00541461
Select Cyp27a1 0.0053795
Select Slc12a2 0.00537307
Select Cacng7 0.00535607
Select Phospho1 0.00532689
Select Plekhb1 0.00527948
Select 2610019F03Rik 0.0052642
Select Ankrd38 0.00524193
Select P2rx5 0.00523076
Select S100a16 0.00522487
Select Cd97 0.0052229
Select D130072O21Rik 0.00515577
Select Nrg1 0.00512038
Select Kcnc3 0.00510197
Select Pogz 0.00505763
Select Slc39a14 0.00505119
Select mCG140667 0.00503872
Select Elovl1 0.00503084
Select Sh3bgrl2 0.00492761
Select Rnf13 0.00482872
Select Akap12 0.00477528
Select Syt3 0.00473863
Select Fn1 0.00472578
Select Ngfr 0.0046708
Select Tubb4 0.00466804
Select Scn1a 0.00465744
Select Adamtsl3 0.00463796
Select Vdac3 0.00455527
Select Trim36 0.00454212
Select Cova1 0.00454118
Select Pcgf6 0.00452463
Select Atp8a2 0.00450733
Select Osbpl9 0.00449918
Select Cnp1 0.0044056
Select Mmel1 0.00435399
Select AF529169 0.00434702
Select Gng11 0.00420133
Select AW046396 0.00417624
Select Pnkd 0.00416577
Select 6330505N24Rik 0.00415288
Select Fstl1 0.00414798
Select Atp10a 0.00414154
Select Dffa 0.00410827
Select Slc17a6 0.00404073
Select Ugt8a 0.00401364
Select Cldn11 0.00400546
Select Kbtbd3 0.00399349
Select 4930572J05Rik 0.00388973
Select Slc44a1 0.00386146
Select Stk38l 0.0038542