Number of genes: 20 change

Positivity: Positive change

Brain Region: Spinal nucleus of the trigeminal_ oral part change

Lambda multiplier: 0.0900 change

Lambda (actual): 15.3222

Select all Gene Fitting Value
Select Thbs2 0.000115842
Select Glra1 0.0001054152
Select Glra4 7.950363e-05
Select Mrpl54 5.6332e-05
Select Klk6 2.091453e-05
Select Gatm 1.136612e-05
Select Lgi2 6.363214e-06
Select Anln 3.957131e-07
Select Sypl 3.444922e-07
Select Scrt1 3.313251e-07
Select Ntrk1 3.054023e-07
Select B3galt5 2.221246e-07
Select Cstb 1.971814e-07
Select Fa2h 1.443343e-07
Select Galnt6 1.354541e-07
Select Serpinb1c 1.292551e-07
Select Ublcp1 1.11066e-07
Select Eif5a2 1.090928e-07
Select Btbd14a 1.00494e-07
Select Endod1 9.32218e-08
Select all Gene Localization Value
Select Ntrk1 0.02027265
Select Glra4 0.01875338
Select Glra1 0.0152035
Select Klk6 0.01435702
Select Cstb 0.01428105
Select Thbs2 0.01273906
Select Eif5a2 0.01151895
Select Mrpl54 0.01134471
Select B3galt5 0.0111497
Select Stk24 0.01072661
Select Sypl 0.00965416
Select Lgi2 0.00934747
Select Endod1 0.00924903
Select Ublcp1 0.00908102
Select Scrt1 0.00885955
Select Cdr2 0.00878426
Select Srprb 0.00854633
Select Galnt6 0.00853195
Select Gatm 0.00813742
Select Ppap2a 0.00793944