Number of genes: 5 change

Positivity: Positive change

Brain Region: Spinal nucleus of the trigeminal_ oral part change

Lambda multiplier: 1.0000 change

Lambda (actual): 167.8145

Select all Gene Fitting Value
Select Glra1 4.570682e-06
Select Klk6 1.309153e-07
Select Glra4 1.252355e-07
Select B3galt5 1.027823e-07
Select Cstb 9.464729e-08
Select all Gene Localization Value
Select Ntrk1 0.02027265
Select Glra4 0.01875338
Select Glra1 0.0152035
Select Klk6 0.01435702
Select Cstb 0.01428105